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Aisha Cooper

Bachelor of Science, Psychology

Masters of Science, Rehabilitation Counseling

Licensed Professional Counselor





Coopers’ Mental Health Consultations LLC is owned and operated by Aisha Cooper. As a doctoral level candidate, Mrs. Cooper has extensive experience in the mental health field.  She brings to this organization an integrated view of business operations and a broad array of mental health expertise.

Isaac Cooper

Bachelor of Science, Psychology

Masters of Science, Counseling and Psychology

 Associate Licensed Counselor supervised by Darryl Calloway, LPC-S

Mr. Cooper has over 10 years experience in specializing with children who suffers from emotional, cognitive, and behavioral problems. As an associate licensed counselor, serving the State of Alabama, he performs a range of therapeutic assignments related to the field of mental, behavioral, substance abuse and social work services. This includes the design and implementation of personalized treatment plans, individual and group psychotherapy with diagnostic impressions.


Associate Licensed Counselors

Master's level therapists specializing in the following areas:

Clinical Counseling

Substance Abuse Counseling

General Counseling





Our mission is to focus and commit to the  prevention and intervention of mental health issues that are affecting the people in our communities. We provide expert level treatment and education through our therapeutic counseling services. We are dedicated to providing quality care to ensure mental health wellness and to promote community awareness.

Service Areas: Telehealth and In-Person

State of Alabama

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